About the project

About the project

Who are the Corinium Volunteer Makers

Corinium Volunteer Makers are a unique team of individuals, groups and organisations working together with Corinium Museum to help us to collect, preserve, and interpret our collections.

Corinium Volunteer Makers provides an opportunity for anyone with a passion or interest in museums and volunteering to support us and get involved. Corinium Volunteer Makers are people from all walks of life, with a unique set of interests, skills, passions and talents. Volunteer Makers are groups, organisations and individuals who share their skills and passions through showing support, donating and volunteering. Corinium Volunteer Makers can be students, retirees, parents and children, young professionals or young people.

If you would like to get involved simply sign up to become a Corinium Volunteer Maker and browse this site to discover challenges that interest you. Whether you have just a few minutes to spare or you are interested in becoming a regular volunteer, there are plenty of ways you can sign up to help Corinium Museum.


The Corinium Museum

The Corinium Museum is located at the heart of Cirencester, the ‘Capital of the Cotswolds’. Our principal collection consists of the highly significant finds from the Roman town of Corinium. However, the museum today is much more than that, taking you on a journey through time and charting the development of the Cotswolds from its prehistoric landscape to the modern day.

The light and modern galleries offer the visitor an exceptional interactive experience. The museum is renowned for its learning provision, with an education centre and temporary exhibition space that ensure a vibrant, changing programme of events and activities for everyone to enjoy.


How to get involved

Getting involved as a Volunteer Maker could not be simpler. You just click on Sign Up Now and enter some details about yourself. Then we can either send you information about current challenges that might interest you or you can browse the challenge pages according to how much time you have to spare. You will then be part of the Corinium Volunteer Makers community!