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Challenge 13

Join Corinium Volunteer Makers!

Want to volunteer for corinium Museum? Great sign up today!

Challenge 14

'Like' Corinium Museum on Facebook

Let us know just how you feel about Corinium Museum by 'liking' us on Facebook.

Challenge 15

Family Photographers

Share a photo of your family’s visit to the museum!

Challenge 16

Review us on TripAdvisor

Enjoy a visit to the museum then write us a review on TripAdvisor.

Challenge 17

Collections Photography - Photoshop

Are you a whiz at Photoshop? Do you have an hour to spare? Could you help the museum build a pool of quality photographs of its collection

Challenge 18

Adopt an Object

Adopt an object from Corinium Museum! Help us raise funds to support the Stone Age to Corinium project.

Challenge 19

Watch a Corinium Museum Video on YouTube

Watch one of our fantastic YouTube videos and subscribe to the Corinium Museum YouTube channel.