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Adopt an Object

Corinium Museum Adopt an Object

Adopt an object from Corinium Museum! Help us raise £14,000 to support “Stone Age to Corinium” an exciting project to create new Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Early Roman Galleries, as well as an inspiring garden space and a dedicated “hands-on” Discovery Centre.

Sponsorship ranges from £10 to £1,000 for some of the most significant objects in our collection.

Find out more about the “Stone Age to Corinium” project


Why get involved?

You will receive:

  • Certificate including an image and a description of your object (via email)
  • Digital image of your object
  • All donors will be acknowledged on our website (optional)
  • You will receive one free ticket to see your object once it is on display
  • Adoption lasts for two years

How to get involved?

How to Adopt an Object:

Step 1:  Sign in to your Volunteer Makers account or sign up to Volunteer Makers

Step 2:  Accept the challenge

Step 3:  Go to www.coriniummuseum-adoptanobject.org

Step 4:  Browse the collections and click on an object to find out more about it. Once you’ve decided click on donate, this will take you through to MyDonate to process your payment. You will receive an email from thanking you for your support, with your certificate, digital image and free admission ticket.

Ideal Skill

  • Fundraising

Ideal Interests

  • Community Work
  • Local History
  • Archaeology
  • Museum Collections

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